We are novices in the rally world, however, motorsport isn't unexplored in the family. During the season we drive classic races in our Porsche 911 2.0 SWB's in the historic '65 class. In addition, we have for many years been and still remain very active in the Children's Cancer Foundation SportscarEvent.

In 2010 and 2012 we took part in the Le Mans Classic in our Bentley 4.5 L. We purchased the Bentley at Stanley Mann Racing in 2007. Shortly after we got a gift of a friend - the very first book edition from 1908 in German about Prince Borghese and the first Peking to Paris rally. It planted the seeds, that one day we would take part in the famous rally.

In 2011 we decided to join without really considering what it would entail. Since that year we have learned a lot, and we certainly still have a lot more to learn! Many rally books have been read, we have listened to others experience, and many days have passed by with the planning of this trip. There has also been careful consideration of the purchase of equipment, of course, taking into account the very limited space available in the vehicle and not least in making careful consideration of preparing the car for the trip and to select the spare parts we might need.

We would like to thank Fernandes Oldtimertechnik GmbH in Hamburg for a meticulous preparation of the car. We have in the two years it took to prepare the car had no technical problems during the approximately 5000 test kilometers we did.

Likewise, we would also like to thank J. D. Classics in Maldon for good advice and guidance.

Alan Smith should also have a big "thank you" for having spent a Sunday to knock rally knowledge into our heads, if he succeeded is still to be seen!

Helene from Nordicweb should also have a big "thank you" for her hard work to get the site up and running and also for the continuous updates of the site.

Finally, we would also like to thank Jane and Barbara from the Endurance Rally Association for their patience, helpfulness and always good sense of humor.

We have decided to raise money for Phönikks Stiftung, Hamburg and Children's Cancer Foundation, Denmark. The money will be equally divided between the two foundations, who are taking care of families with children suffering from cancer. We ask all of you to make a contribution to this important purpose. Through our activities with both foundations we have seen the difference it can make to a family's well-being throughout the illness. Remember, no amount is too large nor too small!

Thank you very much in advance!

Annette & Lars Rolner

Le Mans


The Car

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