Peking to Paris Motor Challenge

- the longest and toughest challenge in a vintage or classic car!

Peking - Great Wall of China - Inner Mongolia - Gobi Desert - Outer Mongolia - Ulaan Baatar -
Telmen Lake - Russia - Novosibirsk - Omsk - Tyumen - Samara - Ukraine - Kiev - Lviv - Slovakia - Kosice - Bratislava -
Austria - Schladming - Switzerland - Gstaad - France - Troyes - Paris

Check out the route below 

The 28th May the next Peking to Paris Motor Challenge will take off. A race that gives reminiscent of Jules Verne's 'Around the World in 80 days', published in 1873, and also gives the chance to explore your skills, determination and the extent of your human spirit.

In total 96 cars will be driving, and our car has start number 8, which is a lucky number in China.

The navigation will be with a Garmin 78s, and a road book with „tulips".

Everyday we will be driving between 190 and 668 km against the clock. On the route there will be some demanding sections, which will be driven as special tests. We will also be going to drive on two racetracks and in Schladming we will drive a Hill Climb. 

The race is organized by The Endurance Rally Association, which over the years has organized more than 60 major events spread over 50 different countries around the world.


Follow the rally against the clock when we drive from Peking to Paris for a total of 7621 miles in 33 days.

We will try to send a short bulletin and a few photos every day of the latest challenges and experiences.


Peking to Paris Motor Challenge goes back to the year of 1907, when the French newspaper Le Matin challenged the European automakers to show what the modern car could deliver. The challenge was to drive from Beijing to Paris, on a route of just over 7600 miles with barely no roads.

Several experts and the motoring press ridiculed the race and thought it was impossible. But in the end five participating vehicles were registered: a Dutch Spyker, two French Dion Bouton, an Italian Itala with a 7-liter engine driven by Prince Scipione Borghese and a three wheeled Contral, which only reached the edge of the Gobi desert because of lack of power.

The other four participating vehicles all reached the finish line in Paris in good shape after having overcome every conceivable risks of intense cold and burning heat, of mountain passes and rivers without bridges, desert, sand and snow.
It was Scipione Borghese who first reached the finish line after just eight weeks. The other vehicles arrived a few weeks after.
Due to political circumstances it was decided to put an end to the rally, and only in 1997 the race was resumed, however, the route was changed to go south of Tibet.

First in 2007 when the race celebrated its 100th anniversary, it was decided to drive the original route again.


The routeplan from Peking to Paris in 1907






 1 28th May 2013 Peking to Daihai China 472
 2 29th May 2013 Daihai to Erenhot China 508
 3 30th May 2013 Erenhot to Altanshiree Mongolia 296
 4 31th May 2013 Altanshiree to Ulaan Baatar Mongolia 426
 5   1st June 2013 Ulaan Baatar - Rest Day Mongolia  - 
 6   2nd June 2013 Ulaan Baatar to Bulgan Mongolia 343
 7   3th June 2013 Bulgan to Murun Mongolia 350
 8   4th June 2013 Murun to Telmen Lake Mongolia 293
 9   5th June 2013 Telmen Lake to Chjargas Lake Mongolia 288
10   6th June 2013 Chjargas Lake to Uureg Lake Mongolia 259
11   7th June 2013 Uureg Lake to Border Mongolia 271
12   8th June 2013 Border to Aya Russia 470
13   9th June 2013 Aya to Novosibirsk Russia 560
14 10th June 2013 Novosibirsk - Rest Day Russia  - 
15 11th June 2013 Novosibirsk to Omsk Russia 668
16 12th June 2013 Omsk to Tyumen Russia 632
17 13th June 2013 Tyumen to Yekaterinburg Russia 360
18 14th June 2013 Yekaterinburg to Ufa Russia 481
19 15th June 2013 Ufa to Samara Russia 461
20 16th June 2013 Samara - Rest Day Russia  -
21 17th June 2013 Samara to Saratov Russia 435
22 18th June 2013 Saratov to Voronezh Russia 545
23 19th June 2013 Voronezh to Kharkiv Ukraine 364
24 20th June 2013 Kharkiv to Kiev Ukraine 485
25 21th June 2013 Kiev - Rest Day Ukraine  - 
26 22th June 2013 Kiev to Lviv Ukraine 583
27 23th June 2013 Lviv to Kosice Slovakia 368
28 24th June 2013 Kosice to Bratislava Slovakia 491
29 25th June 2013 Bratislava to Schladming Austria 442
30 26th June 2013 Schladming to Davos Switzerland 428
31 27th June 2013 Davos to Gstaad Switzerland 325
32 28th June 2013 Gstaad to Troyes France 453
33 29th June 2013 Troyes to Paris France 190

TOTAL 7621 miles       

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